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10th May 2010: Several people have asked me why I enjoy painting trams so much. I have written a short article on Tram Art and what I find interesting about this form of art. Read Tram Art article here.


6th May 2010: I have just published a track diagram of the Sydney Randwick Tramway Workshops. Click here to view this track plan.

Click to view techincal data on the R class tram.

3rd May 2010: Have a look in the Tramway article sections for a data page on the Sydney R class trams. Information includes service entry dates, disposal as well as technical information. Click here to go straight to this page.

Click here to read about the Sydney Weed Burning Tram

2nd May 2010: I have just added a new section to the website containing articles and interesting tramway and railway topics.
Click here to read the first article about the Sydney Weed Burning tram.

O class Sydney Tram painting

16th August 2009: Depicted in this painting is Sydney O class tram 1037 on a wet Sunday afternoon in Railway Square. The tram has just commenced a journey to Maroubra Beach.
Click here to view painting.


16th June 2009: I have just completed a new painting of a Sydney Tram on its way to Coogee Beach, about to turn into Eddy Avenue at Central Station. R1 class 2055, now preserved by the Sydney Tramway Museum at Loftus.
Click here to view painting.


23rd May 2009: This week I've played around with reflections in trackside water. This is also my first painting of a Melbourne tram. The painting depicts a W2 class tram heading to Essendon Airport terminus. Click here to view painting.


12th May 2009: Adelaide H class tram 370 is seen on the Glenelg line in this painting I've just completed. The scene is set in the late 1970s. Click here to view painting.


5th May 2009: I've just completed a small painting of a Brisbane FM tram at the West End terminus. Click here to view painting.


1st May 2009: Back to painting trams. Today I have completed a scene of a Sydney O class tram waiting for the terminus to clear before entering the stub track at Botany Terminus. Click here to view painting.


28th April 2009: It's time for a bit of a change of scene. I've moved away from transport for this painting so I could recreate a photograph I took on my visit to China in 2007. Click here to view painting.

Click here to view framed painting

24th April 2009: Just received "Heading For Sebastopol" back from the framer with a frame which really suits the painting. This frame was chosen by the new owner of the painting. Prints are still available and can also be framed. Click here to view framed painting.


17th April 2009: I have been slowly working away at my latest painting of a Kogarah steam tram entering the Princes Highway. Click here to view progress on this painting.


2nd April 2009: This is my largest painting so far measuring 610 x 910mm. It has taken over a month any many grams of oil paint to complete. It dipicts steam trams at the gates of Moore Park around 1890. Click here to view painting and historical notes.


23rd March 2009: It has taken several weeks but this painting is now complete. To my knowledge this is the first view of a Trolley bus and Tram in the same scene at Rockdale. Click here to view completed painting.

Tram and Trolley Bus at Rockdale Station - Click here for work in progress pictures

4th March 2009: While waiting for the paint to dry on several other projects, I've started yet another painting. This time of a tram meeting up with a trolley bus at Rockdale Station. Click here to view the work in progress of this painting.

Steam Tram entering princes highway from Rocky Point Road. Click here to view the progress of this painting.

23rd February 2009: I've started work on another painting today. I have drawn my inspiration on a drawing I made several years ago. Click here to view the work in progress of this painting.

j class tram. Click here to see the photos

22nd February 2009: Today marked the launch of J tram 675 back into service after restoration. I have documented the even and placed the photos in the field trip photos section. Click here to view more the photos.

Burning The Weeds

20th February 2009: As a side project I decided to dabble in Acrylics and this painting of the weed burning tram is the result. Click here to view more information about "Burning The Weeds".

Heading for Sabastopol

18th February 2009: Today it's my birthday and I've completed another painting. This time I've moved interstate and painted a Ballarat Tram. Click here to view more information about "Heading for Sebastopol".


3rd February 2009: My latest painting has just been completed. Click here to view more information about "Steaming up Phillip Street".
Also check works in progress for my latest painting.

Sydney LP class tram 154 trundling by. Click here to view the tram photo set.

19th January 2009: Check out the field trip photo gallery for some tram photos that I've had on my computer for a while. I've taken these photos over a period of a few years and have picked out the best for display.

Work is proceeding well on my new painting "Steaming up Phillip Street". I'll have a progress shot uploaded to the work in progress section soon.


11th January 2009: I have just uploaded the photos of the Abt rack railway that I took on our recent Tasmanian holiday. You can view the photos in the field trip photo section or by clicking on the photo to the left.

We really enjoyed our trip to Tasmania and I hope to do a painting of the convict tram which once existed at Port Arthur.


8th January 2009: Today I have done some more work on my latest painting. This painting dipicts two steam trams in Phillip Street, Sydney circa 1890.

The dimensions for this painting are 610mm x 610mm. Oils on Canvas.

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