A Meeting At Rockdale Station Circa 1946
By Joseph Spinella #2005
Medium - Oil on Canvas
Painting Size - 610mm x 455mm
Date of Completion: 20th March, 2009.
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The painting dipicts L/P tram 154 arriving at Rockdale station as well as trolley bus number 19. Both of which are now preserved at the Sydney Tramway Museum. To my knowledge, no known photographs exist of both a Rockdale Tram and Trolley bus in the same scene. I hope this painting can recreate a lost photographic opportunity. Trams ceased operating in Rockdale in 1949 and the trolley bus system closed in 1957.

This scene is set around 1946. Note how L/P 154 has white painted bumpers to improve visibility during the war in periods where lights were extinguished to prevent the tram from becoming a target to enemy submarines in Botany Bay.

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